Lao Che Irish Tour 2011 - a big thanks from Xerosun!

By Xerosun, Tuesday, 5th April 2011 | 0 comments
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Xerosun had an awesome weekend on tour around Ireland with the magnificent Lao Che! Big thanks and love to the Lao Che guys; Mariusz, Jakub, Michał, Hubert, Filip, Rafał, and Maciek and to their sound engineer Mouse and Manager Rafal for all the fantastic fun & great craic we had with you guys - it was truly an honour :) Thanks also to podziekowania dla Tomka for all the great work on this tour!

Huge love and thanks go to all our friends in the Polish community for feeding us, helping us, driving us and giving us beds to sleep in! Thanks also to the many sponsors of the tour - it would have been impossible without you guys :) Thanks also to Michael Pawlowski our Manager for the hard work you put in and making it all run so smooth, and thanks to Greg for all the driving!

We miss all you guys already!

And finally, special thanks to all the Lao Che fans for giving us such a warm welcome and support on the tour with the great Lao Che!

- Xerosun

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