Metal Hammer award 7 out of 10 for Xerosun's Absence of Light

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Thumping Solemnity from across the Irish sea. Although perennially scuppered by geography and the lazinesss of other nations, the Irish metal scene has long been a breeding ground for great bands and killer records like this one.

Xerosun wear their influences on their sleeves: there's at least one metric fuck ton of Paradise Lost on display throughout Absence Of Light but there's also a great deal of ingenuity and some stunning tunes that serve to more than justify any debt to Draconian Times.

In fact, there's something remarkably fresh and vibrant about Xerosun's sound, which veers from the pounding disco throb menace of the opening Cut Me Down through to the goth tinged bombast of Heartfalls, never failing to deliver a big hook along the way.

If this lacks anything, it's a dash or two of variety; tempos remain at a constant mid pace and vocalist Ives O Sullivan relies on the most straightforward of inflections. That aside, Xerosun sound destined to transcend the limitations of home and connect with audiences far further afield. 7/10

Metal Hammer UK, December 2011

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