Darrin Bell signs Cymbal Endorsement Deal with Murat Diril

By Xerosun, Monday, 3rd May 2010 | 0 comments
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Xerosun are delighted to announce that Darrin Bell has signed an endorsement deal with Turkish Cymbal Manufacturer, Murat Diril. The renowned craftsman himself created custom hand-made cymbals for Darrin from their Black Sea Series.

Darrin visited http://www.muratdiril.com were you can choose your perfect cymbals from several series, based on your style of music, desired tone and personal preference. The website itself has a very useful feature, allowing the visitor to hear samples of each type and size of cymbal being played.

Six hand-made cymbals were created for Darrin by the master craftsman Murat himself and the custom set comprised of 10" and 12" Splashes, 16", 17" and 18" Crashes, 20" Ride, 16" China, and a set of 14" High Hats all from the Black Sea Series. The Black Sea Series Cymbals are very unique and striking in that they have a charcoal colour coating with black accents.

Murat Diril Logo - click here to visit /www.muratdiril.com

We will bring you photos of Darrin playing them live, from the Xerosun gig in The Pint tomorrow!

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